We offer a comprehensive equine experience at Lone Pine Hill, covering all aspects of boarding, training, lessons, consignment, and more. With 50 years of combined experience in the field, we offer unparalleled expertise in all aspects of horsemanship.

Our ranch is a gated facility with 50 acres of fenced-in pasture, using 4-board and/or 4-strand hot cote electric fence. We have a climate controlled tackroom and office. Stalls for the horses are airy 12×12 spaces with excellent ventilation. Diet is a top quality forage-based diet with grain as needed. We cut our own hay and supplement it with top-quality soft NY hay.


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A comprehensive program

Need an end-to-end solution for your training needs? Seeking a high level of competence and expertise in realizing your vision for your horse and yourself? Our training regime covers everything needed to start off right, from young colts on up. We do Colt Starting, as well as Field Hunters, Eventers, Hunter/Jumper, and Mounted Shooting.

  • Round Penning – $60/hr, rate @ $1/minute for any portion thereof
  • Additional Grooming Sessions – $25
  • Body Clip – $180
  • Mane Pull – $50
  • Clipper Trim – $40 (fetlocks, coronet, booting, muzzle, bridle path, jaw)
  • Hoof Trims available by Kallie Hainline – $55/trim
  • Trailering – $2.25/mile round trip (subject to change based on diesel prices)



Teaching Horsemanship for any age

Lessons with a strong influence of groundwork and horsemanship. 

60-min lessons consisting of flat work and jumping. Each lesson is individually created for the horse & rider pair with their goals in sight. 

Beginner lessons are available on a limited basis, please contact us directly. The beginner lesson program follows the United States pony club manual, which incorporates unmounted learning as well.

  • Training Rides & Lessons – $60
  • Private Lessons on own boarded horse – $50/hr

Boarding & Retirement Board

Housing your horse for now and later

Got a young horse that needs a place to live for now? Or do you have an older animal that needs a retirement home? We have the knowledge and facilities to help with both.

We offer retirement boarding at $550/month, and stall board for $1,000/month.

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Training & Selling for you

We know how challenging it can be to sell a horse. Want to eliminate the hassle while still receiving top dollar for your horse? Let us board your horse while we find you the perfect buyer.

Consignment board is $850/month, $200/week rides. We take 10% commission on all consignment sales.


*All prices are subject to change without notice.